I want a managed server. So what do I do now?

Updated by Ben Swoboda on Dec 31, 2015


CenturyLink Cloud Managed Operating System Services provide maintenance and management of your Windows & Red Hat cloud servers, 24x7. For a flat hourly fee, our engineers will perform support and administrative functions on your behalf.
The following is the simplest method for creating a managed server via the Control Panel.

Please also consider using the CenturyLink Cloud v2.0 API Create Server capability for performing the same action programmatically.


Users employed by companies that have agreed to terms with CenturyLink Sales for the CenturyLink Cloud product.


  • An understanding of the standard server creation process.
  • Some idea of the benefits included with managed servers

Important Information

  • Conversion from Managed to Unmanaged Operating System Services is not currently a supported feature.
  • Normally, a single CPI Blueprint will take between ten and thirty minutes to complete. However, this can be influenced by jobs in the queue

Compatibility Matrix

The table below provides a matrix of the supported locations and Operating Systems for conversion.

Cloud Location Operating System
GB3 - Great Britain (Slough)

VA1 - US East (Sterling)

UC1 - US West (Santa Clara)

US Central (Chicago) - IL1

Canada (Toronto - Mississauga) - CA3

APAC (Singapore) - SG1

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 - 64-bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - 64-bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - 64-bit

Windows 2008 R2 Standard - 64-bit

Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise - 64-bit

Windows 2008 R2 DataCenter Edition - 64-bit

Windows 2012 DataCenter Edition - 64-bit

Windows 2012 R2 DataCenter Edition - 64-bit

Creating a Managed Server

  • From the Control Portal menu, select “Create Server.”

  • After selecting a data center that supports Managed OS, select a server group.

  • Click the “managed server” element to “Yes.”

    Make Managed Button

The operating system drop-down menu will automatically show supported, Managed OS options. Choose your version, and then proceed with the remainder of the server creation process.

After creating a VM for management or after deploying the blueprint to convert an existing VM to a managed one, the VM will be 'Under Construction' while background processes are completed. You will not have access to the server during that time. Please allow up to a 60 minutes. If there are any issues beyond that time, contact us via email request@centurylink.com or by phone at the following numbers.

  • In the US: 888.638.6771
  • UK: +44.118.322.6100
  • Singapore: +65.6305.8099.

Please do not email the CenturyLink Cloud NOC or raise the issue via chat - faster responses to inquiries will come from the email address and support numbers above. This is because Managed support is provided by a different team than Platform support.


The user will receive a notification email once the virtual machine is successfully converted to Managed.

Your request "Managed server build VA1CCVARHEL01" has successfully completed.

Validation can also be confirmed by looking for an asterisk (*) next to the name of the server in the Control Portal.

managed servers in control