Getting Started with Managed SSL certificates

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Nov 10, 2014

Centurylink Cloud SSL certificates provide website information security. SSL certificates address the core requirements for effectively securing the communication between a web server and the customers interacting through it.

 Here's how to procure a managed SSL certificate in CenturyLink Cloud. NOTE: Before you can acquire a Managed SSL certificate, you must create a sever with a Managed OS, either Managed Windows or Managed Red Hat.

1. Log on to the [Control Portal]( Using the left side navigation bar, click on **Orchestration** > **Blueprints Library**. Search for SSL in the Refine Results. Then, choose the right SSL Cert based on your preference, either Windows or Linux.


2. Click on the SSL Blueprint that matches your OS and click on the “deploy blueprint” button shown below.


3. Once the Customize Blueprint window appears, proceed with any customizations necessary. You will be required to verify your Blueprint for accuracy. The URL must be registered a domain and all info must match the organizational contact listed. The City and State must be completely spelled out. (ex: Saint Louis Missouri), Country must be abbreviation. (ex: USA).




4. Verify the information is correct. 

5. Once verified, please click on the 'deploy blueprint' button. You will be presented with the deployment details along with an email stating the Blueprint has been queued.


 You will receive an email that your Blueprint has been installed when the Blueprint is complete.


Q: How long is my purchased SSL certificate good for?

A: It is offered on a 1 year term.

Q: Can I have multiple SSL certificates on the same server?

A: No - there is a limit of one certificate per server.

Q: Does CenturyLink Cloud offer another SSL product?

A: Not at this time, this is the only commercial option.

Q: Does the Operating System Edition affect SSL?

A: Yes, you will need to pick the correct SSL Blueprint (either Windows or Linux), depending on your preference.

Q: Can I install my own SSL certificate on CenturyLink Cloud?

A: Yes - follow the instructions from your certificate provider to install onto your server.