Incident Updates

Updated by Gavin McMurdo on Nov 12, 2014
Article Code: kb/929

Description (goal/purpose)

This article describes how Lumen Cloud updates customers on progress regarding their open tickets.


  • Valid customers with verified support credentials


  • Have an open ticket in the Lumen Cloud support queue

Lumen Cloud status updates

The Lumen Cloud support and operations staff will provide updates in the open ticket regarding the issue. Ticket updates will be done in accordance with the [ticket priority](../../support/ticket-prioritization-matrix/)

Q & A

Q - I want to be called via phone for updates
A - Due to the time allocation and therefore financial implications that are required to provide individual updates via phone, we do not provide this as an option in our basic support today.
Q - Why does Lumen Cloud use the ticketing system as the preferred mechanism for updates?
A - Lumen Cloud uses a staff rotation mechanism and the ticketing system provides a documentation trail that multiple can follow including multiple people in your organization. Having a single source of the data surrounding the issue provides transparency on the issue because everyone involved is looking at the same source.
Q - I can't describe what I am seeing and I want someone to call me
A - In order to address issues as quickly as possible, Lumen Cloud utilizes a fast triage process and isolation mechanism in order to ensure that the appropriate engineering talent is engaged. As such, the information captured in the ticket is used for this purpose. Having someone transcribe the issue actually delays the triage and ultimately the resolution.
Q - I do not want to use the ticketing system. Who do I work with at Lumen Cloud to express my opinion.
A - Please contact your Account Manager and they will engage the appropriate Operations and Support Management to address your concerns.