Ticket Prioritization Matrix

Updated by Justin Lentz on Sep 22, 2015
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Tickets are worked according to priority in the order in which they are received. The priority designation indicates the level, extent, and impact on the customer.

Customers may assign the priority of normal or high to tickets they create by using the correct email address to create the ticket. Once assigned, the priority level is used to determine the resources allocated for resolving the ticket, timelines for resolution, and the escalation matrix.

Each incoming ticket is triaged and the priority evaluated according to the criteria defined below. The following matrix covers Support Incidents, Requests, Questions and Service Task Requests. Billing and Sales Inquiries are not included in this matrix or SLA.

Support Agreement Matrix

Priority Developer Support (Free) Professional Support Enterprise Support
High Not Available Available Available
Normal Available Available Available
Escalation Mechanism Not Available Available Available

Ticket Prioritization Matrix

Priority Description First Response Communication Email to Create Ticket Target Restoration SLA Time [1]

Any element of the service is unavailable

Any hosted server is offline or non-functional due to conditions beyond customer control

Measurable performance degradation in any given datacenter

30 minutes

Ticket entry updated hourly

Incident Report may be requested by the customer for a minimum 3 hr service engagement charge

high@ctl.io 8 hours
Normal Any new service request 1 hour [2] Updated every 8 hours help@ctl.io 3 business days [3]

Service Tasks

Priority Description First Response Communication Availability [4] Email to Create Ticket
Normal Any new service task request 24 hours after request Ticket entry updated daily Completed Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm Pacific Time help@ctl.io
[1] All technical details and resources need to be available in the ticket.
[2] First response for Developer Support is 8 hours.
[3] Complexity of tasks will have a significant impact on the the resolution time. In most cases, the simple requests can be completed in much less time, normally 1 business day.
[4] Service Task estimation and duties are performed, Monday through Friday 7am-7pm Pacific Time.


I need a guarantee that a support request will be completed in less than the SLA time offered.

If your support plan qualifies, you are welcome to escalate the request using our escalation procedures: How do I escalate a ticket?