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Configuration management software for systems administrators

What is Puppet?

Puppet is an open source systems management tool for centralizing and automating configuration management.


This box allows you to include legacy puppet's modules and manifests into your Application Catalog within ElasticBox. Installs Puppet and runs it to apply the modules, manifests and configurations defined by the box variables.


Reporting & compliance

Gain real-time visibility into the state of your infrastructure and changes as they take place.

Configuration automation

Define and continually enforce infrastructure configurations.


Directly control and view changes across distributed apps and global infrastructure.

Automated provisioning

Automate Day One provisioning across your infrastructure.

Code management

Get automated workflows to promote & manage infrastructure code across environments.

Node management

Classify and manage the lifecycle of your nodes.

Role-based access control

Assign permissions to teams in line with company and regulatory policies.


This open source software is free to use.


Deployment Variables

MODULES_DIRECTORY: Path of the directory that stores the puppet modules. Modules are self-contained bundles of code and data.

PUPPET_DEFAULT: Manifest file (default.pp) that serves as the entrypoint for the Puppet run

HIERA_PATH: Path to the Hiera's data configuration directory on the instance

HIERA_COMMON: Instance non-specific configuration file (Common.yaml)

PUPPET_CONF: Puppet configuration file (Puppet.conf) that uses Puppet agent

HIERA_YAML: Instance specific configuration file (Hiera.yaml)

Deployment behavior

An instance executing this box will use puppet and bash scripting to download, install and configure Puppet. Box events handle the Puppet lifecycle on the instance as follows:

Install operation:

pre_install event script: downloads and installs the correct release of puppet agent in the instance.

Configure operation:

pre_configure event script: downloads and configures common.yaml, puppet.conf, hiera.yaml with the variables's values and saves them into their default location: /etc/puppet/. Then it applies the puppet modules or manifests and overrides the exit code 2 that means no changes for puppet.

Supported Distributions

The box supports deploying to these linux distributions:

  • Amazon Linux AMI 2015.03

  • Centos 6.5, 7

  • RedHat 7

  • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04


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