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XtremeData dbX   


XtremeData's dbX is a Cloud-scale SQL Engine Purpose-built for Analytics

XtremeData's dbX is a Cloud-scale SQL engine purpose-built for analytics. dbX eliminates the learning curve by offering full-featured SQL and compatibility with the ecosystem of SQL-based ETL and BI tools. It supports row and column tables and queries can intermix the two without restriction. The engine offers high-performance and elastic scalability, while maintaining all the benefits of ACID compliance.

dbX is capable of high-speed data ingest and fast execution of complex read/write queries involving many large tables. It is a distributed, shared nothing, natively parallel engine that scales to 100's of terabytes across 100's of nodes.

The engine performs efficient dynamic data exchange between nodes. This greatly shortens time-to-market and simplifies the process of setting up an analytic DW. Performance is not dependent on data models or sympathetic placement of data for co-location, thereby eliminating the time and effort required to de-normalize schemas (as required for competing solutions) and careful placement of data (distribution, sort keys).

dbX enables users to simply implement schemas as-is from source systems, load data and run complex queries. Customers can reduce development costs and realize business benefits in hours-days versus weeks-months.


  • Simple, ready to use solution for data warehouses, data marts, analytic sandboxes, and business intelligence. It is schema agnostic and there is no need for performance tuning and engineering.
  • Full featured MPP, ANSI SQL, ACID compliant, supporting industry standard connectivity via ODBC and JDBC interfaces.
  • Users can self provision multi-terabyte analytics databases on CenturyLink Cloud in minutes. Pay for use with no long term commitments.



XtremeData Cluster: $2.56/server node/hour.


CenturyLink Cloud infrastructure is billed separately. A 16 CPU / 128GB Memory / 1TB Storage hyperscale virtual machine is $2.01/server node/hour.


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deployment models

  • Runner/Ansible

operating systems

  • CentOS 6