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STASH Armoured Courier   

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STASH Armoured Courier™ lets you easily and securely share content with colleagues and partners

STASH Armoured Courier™

Want to share information with your colleagues and partners securely in an environment you control? Armoured Courier™ is for you. All you have to do is set up in a few minutes and invite your colleagues to join. Then start sharing securely.

Seamlessly building on the Digital Safe™ technology and user experience, STASH enables nominated users from anywhere you choose to share data securely. And permissions can be granted or revoked at any time.

From your computer to your Armoured Courier™ and on to colleagues’ computers, the data is secured and protected with the most advanced encryption. Only the people you nominate can access the data.

No more reliance on vulnerable emails.


Shared by multiple users. Set up in a few minutes and invite your colleagues to join. Selected team-based accessible only. Logs team member accesses, uploads, & downloads. Custom branding & skins available.

Your data is uniquely secured and protected, encrypted with the strongest encryption available. We can’t decrypt your data – only you can. We have no idea what your data is and we cannot find out.

STASH shreds your encrypted data into Digital Confetti™ and distributes it randomly across your preferred storage mediums, be they public cloud, private cloud, or off-cloud in-house storage – or any combination.

We keep your data on a completely different network to your office network with its vulnerabilities to phishing and malware attacks. And STASH is not vulnerable to encryption ransomware software like cryptolocker.


STASH's pricing model is simple. A monthly fee for the company (determined by the number of employees of the company) which includes a set amount of storage (GB) per month. Storage beyond the set amount is charged on a declining tiered pricing rate. For STASH Armoured Courier™, the pricing is:

Size of Company Monthly Fee per Company GBs Included
up to 49 $210 25
50 – 249 $318 75
250 – 499 $642 150
500 – 999 $1,380 300
1,000 – 2,499 $2,760 400
2,500 – 4,999 $4,140 500
5000 -9,999 $8,280 750
10,000+ $16,560 1,000
Tiered Monthly Data Usage Fees (in excess of included data above)
Additional Storage Monthly Fee per GB
01 – 250 GB $1.80
251 – 500 GB $1.50
501 – 1,000 GB $1.20
1,001 – 4,999 GB $0.96
5,000 – 25,000 GB $0.78
25,001+ GB $0.60

The rate for all the storage beyond the included GBs per month is set by the marginal price - for instance if customer's extra storage is 3,000 GB all 3,000 GBs will be charged at $0.96 per GB.

November 2017
Subject to Change


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