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STASH Hibernate   


STASH® Hibernate™ is architected for decades-long data resilience & viability. True data archive.

STASH® Hibernate™ is architected for long-term resilience. We know that storing data for a few years (backup) and storing data for decades at least (archival) are totally different goals, and require different tools and strategies. STASH’s approach to resiliency draws from the lessons of biological systems. We promote diversity in instances, data slicing, hosting options, geography, and formats. Put the data away for a long time and retrieve it with integrity and usability when you need to. The STASH® Hibernate™ approach is consistent with both:
•European Framework for Audit and Certification of Digital Repositories
•ISO 16363: a system for the "audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories"

STASH® Hibernate™ is well designed to meet the growing regulatory requirements for long-term viable data storage required by such regulations as Sarbanes-Oxley.

This is a product well designed for the Life Sciences, Government and Financial service industries, to name a few, where regulations and mandates require very long term archiving and file fixity.


Diversity in instances, data slicing, hosting options, geography, and formats. Integrity and usability even after a long time of storage
Operating and application system details preserved.

Advanced multi-factor authentication to ensure that you are really you.

Each user’s data is uniquely secured and protected, encrypted with the strongest encryption available. No user has the same encryption. We can’t decrypt your data – only you can. We have no idea what your data is and we cannot find out.

Selected team-based accessible only. Logs team member accesses, uploads, & downloads. Custom branding & skins available.

STASH® Hibernate™ shreds your encrypted data into Digital Confetti™ and distributes it randomly across your preferred storage mediums, be they public cloud, private cloud, or off-cloud in-house storage – or any combination.

We keep your data on a completely different network to your office network with its vulnerabilities to phishing and malware attacks. And STASH is not vulnerable to encryption ransomware software like cryptolocker.

We keep multiples of each file, in multiple locations, as well as cold storage, so your data won’t be lost or destroyed.

There are three flexible ways to deploy STASH® Hibernate™

o Access your vault anywhere, from any device with a browser
o Fully interactive access to data
o Drag and drop file management

o Desktop client application
o File Synchronization
o Schedule and manage unattended data backups
o Easily backup and restore large data sets directly to your vault

o Access and interact with your vault from custom applications
o REST-compliant interface
o Easy to access with cURL
o Secure API access with end-to-end encryption and IP blocks


The STASH® Hibernate™ pricing model is clear and simple. One monthly fee, determined by the tiered volume of data being secured per month. No surprises.

STASH® Hibernate™ requires set-up integration with customer’s data sets and ongoing liaison on data integrity and fixity. An initial set-up fee is negotiated with the customer depending on the complexity of the data integration required.

Just email for a price sheet.


STASH® Hibernate™ is completely modular

Data Agnostic
Platform Agnostic
Infrastructure Agnostic
Network Agnostic
Data Storage Location Agnostic on-cloud or off-cloud
anywhere in the world

STASH® Hibernate™ was developed to simply 'snap-on' to existing security stacks with a complete data security solution.

Alternately, SSTASH® Hibernate™ easily complements business architectures already in place with components that were built to seamlessly integrate with infrastructure, authentication, and other systems that are legacy or otherwise required at any organization.


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