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STASH Secure Digital Vault   

Developers Security

STASH Secure Digital Vault™ is a digital safe deposit box and mail box for your customers.

Want to offer your customers a secure place to receive messages and documents from you securely and also store their own data. Offer them a place to keep securely the documents, photos and videos from their own life journey? Generate revenue from your need to secure your client communications and their need to keep their life documents secure? Then STASH Secure Digital Vault™ is for your company. It is an application developed for deploying to up to millions of customers, the consumer-facing version of the STASH Digital Safe™. STASH Secure Digital Vault™ creates the opportunity for your organization, firm or company to offer a custom-branded white label security to your own customers, from a trusted business source they already use. Perfect for banks, post offices, insurance companies and others. As a way to enhance the customer experience, as a thank you for doing business with your company over a competitor, as a way to create definitive peace of mind for your current and future customers to name but a few, there are multiple advantages and opportunities to add value and increase brand equity.


Digital safe deposit box and mail box to be offered by businesses to their customers. For example, by banks and insurance companies.

Designed to integrate into your web site or mobile app. We integrated our authentication with your existing customer authentication.

Each user’s data is uniquely secured and protected, encrypted with the strongest encryption available. No user has the same encryption. We can’t decrypt the user's data – only they can. We have no idea what the data is and we cannot find out.

Custom branding & skins available. Easy to use and customer has full control of content. Your business can also deliver messages or content to the customer by adding to their Digital safe deposit box - good way to deliver statements etc.

STASH shreds the encrypted data into Digital Confetti™ and distributes it randomly across your preferred storage mediums, be they public cloud, private cloud, or off-cloud in-house storage – or any combination.

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