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HashiCorp Consul   


Service discovery and configuration made easy. Distributed, highly available, and datacenter-aware.

A distributed key-value store providing discovery and configuration services for your infrastructure.


  • Service Discovery - Consul makes it simple for services to register
    themselves and to discover other services via a DNS or HTTP interface.
    External services such as SaaS providers can be registered as well.

  • Health Checking - Health Checking enables Consul to quickly alert
    operators about any issues in a cluster. The integration with service
    discovery prevents routing traffic to unhealthy hosts and enables service
    level circuit breakers.

  • Key/Value Storage - A flexible key/value store enables storing
    dynamic configuration, feature flagging, coordination, leader election and
    more. The simple HTTP API makes it easy to use anywhere.

  • Multi-Datacenter - Consul is built to be datacenter aware, and can
    support any number of regions without complex configuration.


The installation deploys consul as free open-source software. Enterprise support is offered by HashiCorp.

Use Cases

The problems Consul solves are varied, but each individual feature has been solved by many different systems. Although there is no single system that provides all the features of Consul, there are other options available to solve some of these problems.


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Open-source community resources are available as well as Enterprise support and training.

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