Enterprise Cloud Resources

We offer tools designed by industry experts to speed up your cloud adoption.

Analyst Reports

Gartner MQ for Cloud IaaS

Get deep insight on where cloud infrastructure is headed, a detailed analysis of vendors, and Gartner's review of major market and industry trends.

Cloud Harmony Report

The independent testing results are in. CenturyLink Cloud’s Hyperscale cloud compute instances are the ones to beat for key performance measures and total cost of ownership. Get the report for the details and direction on how to choose your Hyperscale compute provider.

Public Cloud Security - Dimensional Research

This 5-page research report conducted by independent research firm, Dimensional Research, shares the experiences of real customers and profiles the CenturyLink Cloud approach to security.

Managing Your Cloud

IT as a Service through Cloud

Read this 8-page whitepaper to learn how unified cloud services can enable transformative IT as a Service models.

Cloud Disaster Strategy

Discover how you can make a positive impact on your DR strategy by leveraging complete automated disaster recovery solutions that will have your environment back online with the same performance, scale, and capacity of your original systems – ensuring business continuity.

More About CenturyLink Cloud

CenturyLink Cloud Cloud Security

Read this 3-page case study to learn how CenturyLink Cloud and Intel have teamed up to improve cloud security.

Enterprise Cloud Overview

Watch this brief 2-minute video to learn about the CenturyLink Cloud.

Agility with the CenturyLink Cloud

This 5-page data sheet outlines our unified cloud services, including Cloud Foundry PaaS.

Hybrid Cloud

Are you considering a virtual private or hybrid cloud for your mission critical or production apps? We have the solution that’s right for you.

Deploying To CenturyLink Cloud

Demo: Deploying New Relic

Watch as we deploy the New Relic Blueprint and see it work in our environment to monitor a Java app in under 5 minutes.

Demo: CenturyLink Cloud Blueprints

In less than 8 minutes, see how easy it is to deploy complex environments to the CenturyLink Cloud using Blueprints.

Using Blueprints to Automate Deployments

Blueprints enable customers to deploy complex environments from best-practice optimized templates.

Planning Your Move

Cloud Migration Checklist

This simple 2-page checklist will help you identify opportunities within your organization that could see improved business and IT agility by migrating to the cloud.

Choosing The Right Cloud

Webinar: Enhancing IT Agility with Private Cloud - Questions You Need to Ask

Experts from VMware, Equinix, and CenturyLink Cloud teach you how to evaluate Virtual Private Cloud options for your business.

Enterprise Cloud Provider Criteria

Cut through the industry hype with this simple-to-use checklist to help you select an enterprise-class cloud provider.

Webinar: The Case for Enterprise Platform-as-a- Service

Join industry experts from Cloud Elements and CenturyLink Cloud for an insightful on-line live seminar and discussion on how enterprises are using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technologies to accelerate application development… and how you can do the same.

Webinar: Best IaaS Practices to Help You Decide

MSPs, VARs, and SIs all have customers moving to the cloud at a rapid rate. But how can these providers select the right cloud partner? Watch this webcast, and learn four best practices on how you can stand out from the "cloud crowd."

Cloud Case Studies

Case Study: IT Sprawl (Tech Manufacturer)

Discover how a large technology manufacturer leverages the CenturyLink Cloud to manage departmental IT needs.

Case Study: Cloud Deployment & Hosting (HighJump)

HighJump quickly and efficiently serves its Warehouse Management Software to customers using the CenturyLink Cloud.

Case Study: Cloud Security & Compliance (Exterro)

E-discovery leader, Exterro, controls risks, reduces costs, and enhances compliance with its SaaS offering powered by CenturyLink Cloud.

Case Study: SaaS Business Model (Channel IQ)

Online Retail Intelligence provider, Channel IQ used CenturyLink Cloud to power a new SaaS business model.

Case Study: Cloud Hosting & Performance (XSP)

Financial services software provider, XSP demands enterprise-ready reliability and security. The CenturyLink Cloud delivers.

Case Study: Cloud Availability (Obeo)

Obeo's mission critical production environment runs on the CenturyLink Cloud.

Running Your Critical Apps In The Cloud

Whitepaper: 6 Best Practices to Cloud Enable Your Apps

Moving on-premise applications to the cloud can be easier than you think. Download this whitepaper and learn 6 key strategies to cloud-enable your apps.

Webinar: 7 Tips to Managing SharePoint 2010 in the Enterprise Cloud

Learn quick tips to ensure success when you migrate to SharePoint 2010.

Webinar: Step up to Exchange 2010 in the Enterprise Cloud

Learn why migrating your Exchange 2010 to the cloud may be your best option for availability, security, and business continuity. The webinar is 35 minutes featuring guest speakers from CenturyLink Cloud and VMware.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the Cloud

There are many choices for managing your messaging environment – from hosted to cloud to managed services. Compare and learn why cloud may be your best bet.